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  1. R.S.I.'s fee charges are based on the time spent on the project by its staff at their appropriate hourly rates. Unless stated to the contrary in the proposal, in addition to fees, out-of-pocket expenses such as travel, accommodation and photocopying are passed on at cost. Fees and expenses attract VAT. Invoices are rendered monthly for payment within fourteen days.

  2. R.S.I. reserves the right to charge interest on invoices which have not been paid within the payment period. At the present moment the rate is 2% per calendar month calculated on a day by day basis.

  3. Invoicing period. The invoicing period is from the start of the contract or the end of the previous invoicing period, if there is one, to the end of the last complete week in the month for which the invoice is to be rendered.

  4. R.S.I. likes to achieve clear understanding with its clients as to the likely period of validity of its fee levels, but it reserves the right to revise its fee rates at any time and to charge the new rates after one month's notice in writing.

  5. R.S.I.'s staff normally work a 37 hour week (7 hours daily from Monday to Friday). R.S.I.'s rates for extended or unconventional hours may be liable to a surcharge and are by negotiation.

  6. FORCE MAJEURE - Neither party shall be under any liability to the other party for any loss, damage, injury or delay wholly or partly caused, whether directly or indirectly by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

  7. Health and Safety at Work. Where R.S.I.'s staff are working on client premises, R.S.I. expects them to be provided by the client with the instruction and equipment required to conform with all health and safety directives applicable on the clients premises. R.S.I.'s staff on their part have received instructions to abide by all such directives.

  8. R.S.I. reserves the right to agree holiday arrangements with its staff, due regard being paid to the needs of the project, and may occasionally require its staff to be released from the project to attend internal company meetings.

  9. Where R.S.I.'s staff are working on client or other premises, the company expects them to be provided with normal office accommodation and services (including typing and photocopying facilities), with reasonable proximity to the necessary computing facilities. R.S.I. reserves the right to visit staff located on such premises at short notice.

  10. R.S.I.'s arrangements with its staff require them not to divulge any matters that are identified to them as confidential.

  11. The client is responsible for the security of the programs and data held or used in conjunction with the project, the operation of the programs, the usefulness of the project or its possible effects on other computing activities. R.S.I. does not accept liability for any loss, injury, damage or expenses, whether direct or consequential, suffered in the operation of the programs supplied by R.S.I..

  12. If the client should wish to terminate R.S.I.'s work before its normal completion (for example, arising from the cancellation of the project), R.S.I. will require one months notice in writing.

  13. R.S.I. reserves the right to withdraw or modify the proposal if instructions to proceed are not received within 28 days of the date of the proposal, or such other period as may be expressly stated in the proposal.

  14. Any purchase order produced by the client against a proposal or agreement is understood by the client as being only for the client's own accounting procedures, and that any purchase order and conditions attached thereunto do not have force of law, even if the purchase order number is quoted in any proposal or agreement between R.S.I. and client.

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