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Ross Systems International, has pleasure in announcing RSI IP Prototyping Suite (R-IPPS), the second major offering in RSIís test and prototyping  product range.

R_IPPS has been developed to make prototyping IP applications as simple as possible for application developers who want to develop IP Client Server solutions with a simple plugable $RECEIVE to IP interface.

The R_IPPS Product is a set of HP NonStopô  programs that provide a simple, easy to use, flexible and effective method of setting up and testing a multithreaded IP communications environment which can be reconfigured without interruption of service for extra IP stacks or ports and application services.

R-IPPS Benefits:


No need to write IP Listener Processes, IPLSN converts IP to $RECEIVE or Pathway


No need to write IP Client Processes, IPCLIENT converts $RECEIVE or Pathway to IP


On the fly configuration possible for IPLSN and IPCLIENT progcesses


Control Interface Process Available for IP Process Control


UDP Terminal Interface included.


Scripted testing Environment for IP Servers


Testing can be performed quickly, reliably and simply saving time and money


Test environment is easy to set up an modify


Full reporting is available for inclusion in your ISO-9000 quality documentation


PIRA User Hooks in script language enable conditional execution, repetition,
customised field generation, regression and performance testing.

R-IPPS components:

1.    IPCLIENT - Universal IP Client.
This provides a multithreaded interface between $RECEIVE and a set of IP Services. The switching is provided by the .#name extension when the client interface is opened by the application. It can be configured to provide automatic load balancing and service fall over on failure. TCP/IP and UDP/IP are supported and the product can be dynamically reconfigured at run time using the CONSOLE program.
This product can also be used for interfacing to HSMs or any TCP/IP or UDP/IP interfaced device.

2.    IPLSN - Universal IP Listner.
This provides a multithreaded interface between TCP/IP and UDP/IP Sockets and $RECEIVE or PATHWAY Application Services. The switching is provided by the port number used on IP connect. It can be configures to provide automatic load balancing and the product can be dynamically reconfigured at run time using the CONSOLE program.

3.    IPTEST,
This provides a PIRA Script TCP/IP Test Interface and enables the testing of TCP/IP listners by the generation and transmission of IP transaction messages.

4.    UDPTERM,
This is a UDP Terminal program which can be used to communicate with UDP terminal listners.

5.    CONSOLE,
This is the $RECEIVE CONSOLE interface used in the control of the Universal IP Client and Listner programs.

RSI's License Viewer and Maintenance program

Note. Components in green are IP services and clients which are under test or with which communication is wanted. 

R-IPPS is included in RSI TEST and HSEMM but is available as a separate product for clients who want to use the IP functionality on its own and has been considerably upgraded from the IP components in the earlier versions of these products.

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