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Canine Diabetes

A dog with acute type 1 diabetes (untreated)

Interestingly enough dogs do not suffer from type 2 diabetes only type 1.

So if your vet tells you your dog is overweight and that is why he has diabetes, ignore him.

Type 1 diabetes in all mammals is fatal and there is a very small window in which to act.

The signs which we noticed were that:

  1. He was slightly overweight

  2. Had a tremendous thirst

  3. Kept on needing to to go to have a pee

  4. Could not control himself and peed on the floor even when we were letting him out.

  5. Suffered from muscle weakness and had difficulty in getting up

If you see these signs your dog, cat, hamster, child; He needs to go to the vet/doctor at once and it is good idea to take a urine sample with you.

If the urine sample shows positive for sugar, demand a blood test at once and don't be fobbed off by the practitioner saying it could be a bladder infection.

If that shows positive you dog will be rapidly drifting into crisis; so insulin injections are the only thing which will keep him alive.

Remember dogs do NOT suffer for type 2 diabetes so diet is useless unless supported by insulin and like all diabetics the insulin will be have to be balanced by food intake, too little or too much of either is a very bad thing. Note. Young humans do not tend to suffer from type 2 diabetes either.

Our vet gave us some antibiotics.

The next thing that we knew, about two weeks later, was that out dog had an ear infection.
Diabetics are prone to al sorts of infections because their blood is so high in sugar.

Again more antibiotics, and no follow up urine or blood test.

Two weeks after that he suddenly developed some bad sores on his back, was sleeping most of the time and started collapsing because his legs were so weak, he also lost 30 pounds in weight. He was Briard and Briards are big dogs.

It was Friday and we phoned the vet the next available appointment was on Monday.

On Monday we took him to the vet who cleaned up the sores, more antibiotics.

On Tuesday night he collapsed and was in obvious pain.

First thing Wednesday morning we took him to the vet who at last diagnosed diabetes.

It was too late, his condition continued to deteriorate since he had multiple organ failure and the insulin which he was given had no effect. By Wednesday evening the situation was hopeless so he was put to sleep so that he would not die in agony.

Why the picture of an apparently health dog.

The reason is that you will have no idea until it is almost too late.

Do not ignore the warning signs, demand tests and intervention as soon as possible.

Four weeks after this picture was taken he was DEAD.

Rupert Stanley. B.Pharm.


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